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23.5mm to 38.5mm X40mm Replacement Dtype Watch Glass Crystal - C16

Condition - NEW

Type - Plain D Type X 40mm

Quantity - 1 Piece

Sizes - from 23.5mm to 38.5mm X 40mm

Thickness - approx. 1.35mm (edge) / 2.2mm (centre) 

Sizes 32.5 - 38.5mm - approx. 1.75mm (edge) / 3.5mm (centre) 

Material - Mineral GlassA good quality X40mm replacement watch crystal. This replacement mineral glass crystal is D-Type in shape which means it has a flat base but a domed top. (see two pictures below). Due to its shape it gives a slight magnified view when fitted. The corners are square cut (not rounded) so you need to bear this in mind when ordering. It will fit many makes and models but be sure to measure your original crystal to get the right size. 
These crystals can be cut/ground to size if you have an odd sized crystal, but we do not offer this service, I'm afraid. You need to measure the width of your crystal and then cut the length to size. So for example, if your original watch crystal measures 24.5mm X 38mm then order the 24.5mm size and cut 2mm off the length. We recommend that you cut slightly less than is necessary and polish the glass to fit properly. This way you get a nice clean finish.
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23.5mm to 38.5mm X40mm Replacement Dtype Watch Glass Crystal - C16

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